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types of data needed mapped to each policy issue

  • Security
    • Mandatory Reporting of Cybersecurity Incidents above some threshold of seriousness
    • network security posture of individual organizations
      • internal measurements (e.g., device inventory, account auditing, etc...)
      • external measurements (e.g., port scans, topology measurements, border mapping, etc...)
  • Universal Service/Broadband
  • Routing Security
  • End-to-end reachability
  • Growth of private carriage: "common carriage" vs "private carriage" services
    • to measure the full scope of TCP/IP communications activity
  • Monopoly concerns
    • Consolidations Index, a view of centralization and consolidations of various technical infrastructue including virtual and physical network assets (akin to the DHS NCS reports of past), DNS Cloud and other service infrastructure redundancy, collocation concentrations geographically;
  • Privacy
    • Privacy Index, a mix of text corpus analysis of statements by digital economy actors that might be processed in machine readable and webscraped form to produce an index of weightings of various actors;
  • Net neutrality
    • Priortized Services Index, addressing the varieties and volumes of priortized services on networks;
  • Traffic locality
    • Domestic Traffic Index, providing a view of service breakdowns of data, search and other application layer features by source, path and other features.
Could not figure out what the fear/issue was or what data needed
  • Josephine Wolff
  • Andrew Odlyzko
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