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META TOPICPARENT name="TWikiVariables"

WEBLIST{"format"} -- index of all webs

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  NOTE 2: If MetadataRepository is used and webs are required to be registered, then cancopyto, canmoveto, and webtemplate behave differently.
  • cancopyto and canmoveto results include all top level webs and subwebs of the current webs are listed regardless of accessibility - subwebs of non-current webs are excluded. They also include the user's subweb.
  • webtemplate result has top level template webs only.
| "public" |
exclude="Legacy*, Sandbox" Comma separated list of webs to exclude. Wildcards can be used, such as Legacy* to exclude all webs starting with Legacy. ""
marker="selected" Text for $marker if the item matches selection "selected"
selection="%WEB%" Current value to be selected in list selection="%WEB%"
subwebs="Sandbox" Show webs that are a sub-web of this one (recursivly) ""
depth="1" Specify the maximum depth of recursive search. E.g. %WEBLIST{depth="1"}% shows only top level webs. %WEBLIST{subwebs="Foo" depth="1"}% shows the direct subwebs of Foo. (no maximum depth)
limit="30" Limit number of webs to show "" (all)
overlimit="..." Message shown if over limit, such as: overlimit="   * [[%SYSTEMWEB%.SiteMap][More...]]" ""
reverse="on" Reverse the order of the result. "" (off)
  • Example: %WEBLIST{"$listindent   * [[$name.WebHome]]"}% - creates a indented bullet list of all webs.
  • Example: <form><select name="web"> %WEBLIST{"<option $marker value=$qname>$name</option>" webs="Trash, public" selection="%WEB%" separator=" "}% </select></form> - creates a dropdown of all public webs + Trash web, with the current web highlighted.
  • Category: SearchingAndListingVariables, SystemInformationVariables
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